Name: Giganotosaurus
How to Say: Jig-a-no-toe-saurus
Name Meaning: Giant Southern Reptile
First Discovered: 1993
Size: 40 Feet Long and 12 Fee Tall
Weight: 26,000 lbs, the equivalent of 520 2nd Graders
How Old: 95 Million Years Ago in the Cretaceous Period
Habitat: Found in Argentina, South America and Africa
Diet: Carnivore, largest meat eating dinosaur discovered

5 Quick Facts about the Giganotosaurus

  1. The Giganotosaurus is similar to the T-Rex, but slightly larger in size.
  2. The Giganotosaurus was discovered recently in 1993 by an amateur fossil hunter in a dune buggy.
  3. The Giganotosaurus was on top of the food chain feeding on small dinosaurs
  4. There has only been one good Giganotosaurus found and only 70% of the remains were found leaving much to be studied.
  5. It is estimated the Giganotosaurus would be able to run up to 30mph.

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