Name: Stegosaurus
How to Say: Steg-owe-sore-us
Name Meaning: Hoofed roof lizard
First Discovered: In 1877, a Stegosaurus was discovered in Morrison, Colorado
Size: 6 Feet Tall and 15 Feet Long
Weight: 2500lbs, the equivalent of 50 2nd Graders
How Old: 150 Million Years Ago in the Jurassic Period
Habitat: Found in Western United States and Portugal
Diet: Herbivore, it’s diet consisted of plants and small branches

5 Quick Facts about the Stegosaurus

  1. The Stegosaurus had the brain size of a dog despite its enormous size.
  2. The Stegosaurus had two rows of about 10 plates each protruding from its back giving it a unique and famous look. These plates could be up to 2 feet long.
  3. The plates are through to deter predators or to regulate temperature.
  4. The tail of the Stegosaurus had pointed spikes that it could use as a weapon against predators.
  5. The Stegosaurus is thought to have a turtle like beak with teeth in the back to chew.

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